Protective Flannel Shirt "American Dream" - Red, Black, White Checkered with Level 2 Pads

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Protective Flannel Shirt "American Dream"- Red, Black, White Checkered, with Level 2 Pads

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Stand out on the road with the "American Dream" Red, Black, and White Checkered Flannel with Level 2 Pads. This flannel is packed with features to keep you safe and comfortable on your rides. With 8 total pockets and heavy duty protector pads, you can carry all your essentials and ride with confidence.

The outer lining is made of 100% soft cotton flannel, and the inner lining is made of 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for maximum protection. Plus, extra long underarm ventilation zippers keep you cool and comfortable in any weather. Upgrade to the "American Dream" Red, Black, and White Checkered Flannel and ride in style and safety. Level 2 Pads included. 

Introducing the Beyond Riders 2023 Collection - the ultimate protective gear for riding. With fresh color patterns to choose from, you can ride in style while staying safe and warm.

With the Beyond Riders 2023 Collection, we are introducing our most advanced protective flannel yet. Key features include:

  • [NEW] 8 total pockets including two outer front lower zipper pockets, two outer chest snap pockets and four waterproof inner pockets
  • [NEW] Heavy duty, reinforced protector pad pockets for our removable, CE approved back, shoulder and elbow protectors
  • Outer lining made of 100% cotton flannel extreme softness and comfort
  • Full inner lining made of 100% DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber (170-180 GSM) covering the entire shirt for maximum protection
  • Extra long underarm ventilation zippers for increased airflow

The Beyond Riders 2023 Collection offers maximum protection so you can ride with confidence.

Don't let safety be an afterthought on your cold weather rides. Upgrade to the Beyond Riders 2023 Collection and ride with confidence knowing you are protected.

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