Shredlights New Skateboard Combo Pack Lights (SL-300 & SLR1)

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Shredlights New Combo Pack delivered within 3-5 days in USA! SL-300 & SLR1

Shredlights electric skateboard lights Combo Pack now for immediate shipment. Please note that we guarantee the lowest price you can find on the internet. But returns are not possible so make sure to check compatibility with your electric skateboard, ebike or whatever vehicle you have before buying

The SL-300 and SL-R1 were built on the legacy of the SL-200, but upgraded in nearly every way.

Shredlights are the best electric skateboard lights in our opinion, which is why we sell them. These lights are going to be your new favorite electric skateboard must-have accessory.

Shredlights Combo Pack comes with two white and two red lights, along with four different types of skateboard mounts for near-guaranteed compatibility. Shredlights are the best electric skateboard lights, developed after years of research.

Features of the NEW SL-300 & SLR1

50% brighter LED
Shredlights used brighter LEDs to hit 300 lumens on the SL-300 and 40 lumens on the SL-R1. Combined with the Far Focus lens optics and interruptive flashing patterns, these ultra-compact lights can be seen from over 2km away even during the day.

Full Face Lens
The Shredlights product development team maximized surface area for the lens design to take advantage of the brighter LEDs. It helps increase the rider's visibility from the sides and it’s easier to see if your lights are turned on, and which mode they are in. Plus, it looks way cooler.

Built to last
The outer shell is permanently bonded to the inside plastic for improved durability and tear strength. We strengthened S-LOCK by adding a third point of contact to the mounts at the back of the light. This added stability and strength allows you to literally feel your lights click into place, so you know they are locked down and ready to shred.

What's in the box? 4 lights in total!

  • 1 x Twin Pack SL300 (the new White lights, comes as a pair, replacing old model SL200 White)
    1 X Twin Pack SLR1 (the new Red lights, comes as a pair, replacing old model SL200 Red)
  • 4 x Mounts: Standard + Starter Pack (All 4 Pairs Of Mounts)
  • Charging cables