Safety when riding electric skateboards

Although electric skateboarding is extremely fun, like everything else, safety comes first. Electric skateboards may resemble an ordinary skateboard, but do not forget they are fast and use a battery to move and accelerate in speed.

Here are some ways to stay safe while riding an electric skateboard:

Wearing a helmet is a must

If there’s anything that is a must, it is wearing a helmet. A helmet could prevent severe injuries and is needed when riding any skateboard, bike, scooter, etc.

Wear safety gear

It never hurts to wear a helmet, knee, wrist, elbow pad, padded jackets or hoodies and long clothing. Be sure to choose gear that does not interfere with your control of the skateboard’s remote. You should always be in control of the skateboard while also practicing safety methods.

Electric Skateboard Safety

Trial and Error

Before you begin riding your electric skateboard on city streets, experiment on your driveway, the sidewalk on your street or an empty parking lot. You want to be able to know the basics of your skateboard before other people and cars come into play. Learn how to stand, turn and brake. All roads are different, so know how to navigate your electric skateboard uphill, downhill, etc. Other riders might underestimate how fast you are going; therefore, it is always better to be cautious in order to avoid accidents.

Know your skateboard

Riding electric skateboards can be risky, especially if you do not have much experience. Skateboarding downhill vs. uphill is very different. If you are going at a fast speed, it may be more challenging to brake. It is best if you are always going at a speed that you are comfortable with and are confident that you can safely brake at any time. Like any other vehicle, there is a very serious risk of injury or death when you behave in an unsafe way.

Other safety tips to follow:

Keep your board dry. The risk of riding in the rain could cause accidents and malfunctions to the board itself.

Ride on smooth surfaces. It is the safest and you are able to avoid rocks, potholes or gravel.

Electric skateboards are not designed for tricks! For safety reasons, do not try them.

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