Warnings and liability disclaimer: motorcycling, esk8ing, riding a unicycle, one wheel and other vehicles are intrinsically dangerous activities, which may result in injury and/or death.

Beyond Riders products are designed to offer comfort and high performance, and even if riders wear appropriate protective clothing, no product can offer total protection against injury or damage of any kind to people or to property in the event of a fall, collision, impact, loss of control etc.

All sports people must be familiar with the activity they are doing and aware of their abilities and limitations with regard to the activity and the equipment they are using.

They must also acknowledge any potential risks involved and decide whether such risks should be taken or not. Beyond Riders (owned by Eskate Warehouse LLC) shall not be held liable for any personal injury or damage to property while its products are being worn. Beyond Riders provides no explicit or implicit guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular use, neither does it guarantee the degree of protection that such products are capable of providing against personal injury, death or damage to property.

Please note that customer is responsible for return shipping fees for exchange or return outside of the US
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