Should you get a Riders Protective Shirt in M or L, XL or XXL? Not sure what size to buy? Check out our USA size chart below and make sure you select the right size at checkout. Keep in mind that you might need a bigger size if you wear a sweatshirt under the protective shirt. 

As a rule of thumb, choose your regular size. If you want to wear a sweater under your Protective Shirt, we recommend that you go up one size. NEW: Size chart for women - scroll down!


Josh, 160 pounds (72kg) with a T-Shirt: Medium. Josh, wearing a sweater underneath: Large

Dennis, 180 pounds (82kg) with a T-Shirt: Large. Dennis, wearing a sweater underneath: Extra Large

Bobby, 135 pounds (61kg), 5'7" (1.70m) with a T-Shirt: XXS. Bobby, wearing a sweater underneath: XS

Beyond Riders Armor Size Chart Men

Beyond Riders Armor Size Chart Men



Beyond Riders Armor Size Chart Women


Cindy, 97 pounds (44 kg) with a T-Shirt: XXS. Cindy, wearing a warm sweater underneath: XS

Sara, 143 pounds (65 kg) with a T-Shirt: M. Sara, wearing a warm sweater underneath: L


Still not sure what is right for you? Reach out to our support team here >>>