105mm CloudWheels – Discovery Core

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CloudWheels electric skateboard wheels now delivered within 3-5 business days 

Important: Read about pulleys, belts, and adapters before making your purchase to ensure compatibility. 

Electric skateboard riders love CloudWheels because they offer an amazing ride. Get a complete set of the popular 105mm CloudWheels Discovery Core and give it a try for yourself. With a durometer of 78A, these wheels are perfect for electric skateboards. We are excited to offer 4 different color options: red, dark grey, orange, and blue. Each wheel includes bearings.

What makes 105mm CloudWheels electric skateboard wheels popular?

  • Patented Damping Foam Core Technology makes you feel like you're riding on a cloud. Really, it's that good! 
  • With a low rolling resistance, CloudWheels are great at helping electric skateboarders get more range from each charge
  • 25% lighter than full urethane only electric skateboard wheels
  • The convex design enables level transfers at sharper angles
  • CloudWheels are compatible with most electric skateboards, but it's always better to ask before you buy