Green Solid Ultra Protective Hoodie with Pads

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Green Solid Ultra Protective Hoodie with Pads: Trailblazing Protection for the Avid Rider

Embrace the journey with Beyond Riders' Green Solid Ultra Protective Hoodie with Pads, a beacon of safety in the landscape of motorcycle and PEV protective gear. This hoodie is a testament to the fusion of robust protection and dynamic style, perfect for riders who demand performance and visibility on the road.

Free Pads - Full Set: Elevate your protection game. Get full set of Level 1 Pads (back, elbow and shoulder) and additional chest pads. Level 2 Pads can be purchased separately if you prefer enhanced protection.

Get the ultimate in motorcycle protective clothing, with an estimated delivery within 7-14 days!

Optimized Features:

  • Innovative Design for Safety: Outfitted with Level 1 pads, this hoodie serves as your fundamental protective layer, adaptable with Level 2 inserts for enhanced motorcycle protective gear.
  • Ride-Smart Fit: Includes three belt loops for a secure fit, a thoughtful feature in PEV protective gear to keep your hoodie in place and you focused on the ride.
  • Smart Storage: Four strategically placed zippered pockets offer secure and accessible storage, an essential for any motorcycle protective clothing.
  • Temperature Mastery: Underarm zippers provide customizable airflow, making it a breeze to regulate your temperature—a feature lauded in PEV protective gear.
  • Enhanced Comfort Features: Equipped with thumb loops and a hood with added neck coverage for those brisk rides, elevating the standards of motorcycle protective clothing for comfort.



"With this Hoodie, I've found my go-to gear for every ride. The visibility is great, and the protection gives me peace of mind. Beyond Riders has nailed it with this one." – Taylor G., Denver, Colorado

Materials & Craftsmanship:

  • Premium Outer Layer: The durable 100% Polyester fabric is designed for longevity and resistance to the elements.
  • Breathable Mesh Lining: Ensuring full breathability with 100% Polyester Mesh, keeping you cool under pressure.
  • DuPont™ Kevlar® Inner Lining: A full inner lining of DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber for superior abrasion resistance, setting this hoodie apart as a leader in motorcycle and PEV protective gear.

Performance & Protection:

  • Protection-First Approach: Comes standard with a full set of Level 1 pads, ready to be supplemented with Level 2 pads for those seeking extra protection.

Sizing & Fit:

  • Unisex Slim Fit: Crafted for a snug fit over a T-shirt, this hoodie is designed with a slim profile to suit all riders. Check our Size Chart to help you select the ideal size. If you’re not sure please contact our support.

Seize the Road with Confidence:

The Beyond Riders Green Solid Ultra Protective Hoodie with Pads is your protection in the urban jungle and beyond, offering unrivaled protective qualities without compromising on style. As you gear up for your next motorcycle or PEV excursion, let this hoodie be the shield that guards you and the style that defines you.

Step up your motorcycle protective gear game — order your Green Protective Hoodie today!

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