Electric Skateboard Safety - 25 Esk8 Safety Tips

Electric Skateboard Safety - 25 Esk8 Safety Tips

Whether you’re new to electric skateboarding (ESK8) or just an old pro skater, we’ve got some tips for you. Our top electric skateboard safety tips:

  1. Keep them dry! Most boards are designed to be used in dry weather and on dry surfaces. The risks or riding in the rain include electronics malfunctions to slippery roads that can cause accidents. It’s not worth the risk.
  2. Riding on smooth surfaces is the safest. A smooth surface is also clear of stones, gravel, sand or any potholes.
  3. Small pebbles and stones can have a huge impact on your ride. Once you start riding on a non-smooth surface, the risk of injury increases. Using AT tires can mitigate this risk somewhat.
  4. Larger wheels make riding over obstacles easier. Many electric skateboard riders like to increase wheel size.
  5. New riders should always practice in an enclosed space with no traffic. Make sure that the surface is also free from gravel, sand, or large patches of fresh paint.
  6. Always wear a helmet, even while practicing. There are many careless errors that can cause you to fall, don’t risk it. Don't forget to use other safety equipment such as protective shirts or pants
  7. Make sure your helmet fits securely against your head. You need to replace your helmet if it has been involved in a crash or after 3-5 years. 
  8. Make sure your helmet does not obscure your vision. If you have problems with the sun, a helmet with a sun visor might help.
  9. Purchase your helmet from a reputable source. It's also recommended to use a helmet using MIPS technology. See the following graphic which illustrates the impact of a crash without helmet, with a regular helmet and with a MIPS helmet. 

Riding an electric skateboard without a helmet, with a regular helmet and a MIPS helmet

Image credit: Triple8

  1. Before you try riding any new board, try using it without electricity to get a feel first. You can get off to a better start by learning to push, ride, and carve without electricity. Try & decide which stance suits you better: Regular or Goofy on the deck.
  2. Tricks can hurt you and your board
  3. Electric skateboards are not designed for tricks! You might see people doing electric skateboard tricks online, don’t let it encourage you to try dangerous things. Some of the people you see that make it look so easy are seasoned stunt experts or professional skateboarders who specialize in tricks.
  4. You cannot safely drop or ride off curbs. Unlike regular skateboards, this one is designed just for staying on the ground. Dropping off can not only hurt your board, but it can also send you tumbling in seconds.
  5. Be aware of the ground clearance of your board to accurately view obstacles
  6. Turn on the skateboard while holding it. Never turn on the skateboard while standing on it.
  7. Do not push or kick down a hill with the skateboard turned off. Because going downhill charges your battery, having it off on a downhill can damage it.
  8. Misuse can result in serious injury or death
  9. Electric skateboards are an electric vehicle and should be respected as such
  10. We recommend electric skateboards for riders 18+
  11. Operating an electric skateboard under the use of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden and endangers the safety of the rider and those around the rider.
  12. The board is intended for one rider only. Using the board for more than one rider is extremely dangerous.
  13. Do not use the board to carry packages. You may wear a backpack, but its weight should be included in total rider weight.
  14. The distance your board can travel is an estimate that is affected by your weight, your wheel size & wheel softness and contact patch, wind, uphills and downhills, as well as speed. Be conservative when designing long eskate rides and calculating distance.
  15. Speed is dangerous. The faster you go, the harder it is to stop, the further you fly if you collide with an obstacle, and the harder you hit when you fall. Increase speed gradually and conservatively, prevent speed wobbles. 

Always wear a helmet and other suitable protective gear - even for a 2 minute ride

And finally one final tip - only go as fast as you feel that you can safely stop. Like any sport with speed, there is a very serious risk of injury or death when you behave in an unsafe way. The best way to enjoy electric skateboarding is to follow the rules. 


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