Meet JohnnyV, our rider of the month (November)

Meet JohnnyV, our rider of the month (November)

JohnnyV, better known as, Mr.E_from_nyc on Instagram is a talented PEV rider and one of our early customers. Read the interview with him below. 

What PEV(s) are you riding?
Right now I Have
1.Onyx RCR
2.Custom Liquid Death SUPER73 S1
3.King Song 16X
4.Extreme Bull Commander

How did you get into riding it?
Casey Neistat Introduced me to the SUPER73 and my research through the vast library of content creators lead me to my onyx RCR
And a young lady by the IG handle @wtfamberblades introduced me to the world of EUC’s

How are you protecting yourself when riding?
For my head I use a full faced TSG Pro in black beyond riders gear jacket and LEATT 2axis knee pads

Are you part of a local rider community?
I like to consider myself as an active advocate for all things Electric…

What would you tell a new rider ahead of his first ride?
Take it in stride… baby steps… and ask as many questions necessary before taking the plunge…

What's your preferred area for riding and why?
Staten Island is my back yard but when I’m not here I hit as many states as possible…

What's your favorite day of the week for riding?
My wife only allows me one day a week to ride so I chose Saturdays

How have you first heard about Beyond Riders?
I learned about you guys from a shop in lower Manhattan called LastMilePEV where I bought my first jacket in blue and I was fortunate to win the grey mesh at a group ride giveaway…

What do you like most about our products?
I enjoy the added protection as well as the comfort and style… and I’m dying to try the pants…

What products or features would you like us to offer next?
Anything reflective… for that extra protection…!

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