Meet Jordi, MJ and their Harleys

Meet Jordi, MJ and their Harleys
MJ and Jordi are a couple originally from Barcelona, Spain. They live in New York City and decided to leave everything behind in 2020 to follow a dream: a cross-country road trip to the lower 48 States on board 2 Harley Davidson Sport Glides. 
What vehicles are you riding? We ride 2 Harley Davidson Softail Sport Glide.
How did you get into riding it? We have been riding motorcycles for more than 20 years... it all started in Barcelona, where we are originally from, back then it was basically a means of transportation, to go around the city. But then one thing led to another, we started to go out on the weekends and we traded them in for bigger engines. And when we moved to the USA there was no other way to go.. HD is so iconic in the motorcycle world and it's a "dream come true" for us to be riding American made motorcycles on American roads. 
How are you protecting yourself when riding? As "European" we truly believe on riding as protected as possible. Always, always ride wearing a helmet, gloves and protective gear. We do not understand riding a motorcycle otherwise.
Are you part of a local rider community? When we bought our first HD back in 2016, they gifted us with an annual membership at the National HOG (Harley Owners Group). We also enrolled in the local Chapter, the New York City Chapter and we have been part of it since then. 
What would you tell a new rider ahead of his first ride? Enjoy and take it easy. You do not need to show off your skill level. Everybody is learning something new every time we go for a ride. 
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What's your preferred area for riding and why? What a difficult question to answer for a couple who has ridden 44 out of the contiguous 48 states in 2020.. LOL... We love to go to Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Both are relatively close to where we live. Also, whenever we have a long weekend we try to visit upstate New York. And yes, if you want to know what we liked the most during our adventure riding across America in 2020, we would say Utah.
What's your favorite day of the week for riding? Sundays. This is the "official" riding day for motorcycles... 
How have you first heard about Beyond Riders? Instagram. We were looking for armored fleece jackets and we liked some of the posts. We liked the style, the design, and the good reviews.
What do you like most about our products? The quality and the attention to detail. Even the pockets to put the protections have double velcro to assure perfect adjustment to your body. Also the fact there is a product line for men and women with many options and designs.
What products or features would you like us to offer next? Boots and gloves. We would like to see protective but "casual" boots with the attention to detail and level of protection that characterizes the brand.
Check out their review on Youtube about our shirts - watch it here>>> 
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