Meet Drew Elia, our Rider of the Month (September '22)

Meet Drew Elia, our Rider of the Month (September '22)

Meet Drew Elia, our rider of the month - September 2022! Drew is a Youtuber from New Jersey who shares amazing PEV content on his channel, from reviews to travel experiences and everything in between. Make sure to also check out his Instagram videos. 

What PEV(s) are you riding?
Currently I’m riding a few different PEV, From Meepo, I have the Hurricane, V4, V3, Mini Dual, WowGo 2s Max and a onewheel pint

How did you get into riding it?
Just like everyone else in 2020 I was trapped inside my house. I wanted to get out and try something new so I picked up a onewheel pint! It was absolutely awesome to cruise around my neighborhood, one day my friend had a Meepo v3 and was like you need to try this out! Growing up I’ve always surfed, skated, rode snowboards so I jumped on this board and was instantly hooked. The rest is history.

Drew Elia Beyond Riders

How are you protecting yourself when riding?
I’m not the young buck I was I have a family now and protection is super important to me. I wear a helmet every time I ride and with the help from beyond riders I wear the jacket and pants! I also have pads from Nobelman tech and TSG pass pro helmet.

Are you part of a local rider community?
I’ve actually started my own community riding group, still only a few rides in but we’ve got some serious numbers already over 50 riders came to the group rides. Even an electric motorcycle!

What would you tell a new rider ahead of his first ride?
Stay in the middle of the pack you’ll be comfortable enough riding with everyone and getting the feel of a group ride. Learning hand signals is very important to everyone in the group, it helps identify what the group is doing IE turning, stopping, calling out potholes or any obstructions in the road. HEAD ON A SWIVEL!!! You have no idea what other cars or PEV riders could do at any moment, so being aware is your best form of preparation.

What's your preferred area for riding and why?
I love where I live, New Jersey right on the coast. We have awesome surfing here along with great scenery. You can cruise right next to the beach or in an hour drive I could be in NYC cutting through traffic with that crew! I just love exploring and I’ve traveled with my board to new places where I could meet up with other riders or explore towns I’ve never been to before.

What's your favorite day of the week for riding?
After work for me is always great, getting home and being able to grab the kids and drag them behind me in a wagon is always fun too, but just enjoying a long ride with a few buds after work is also a great time!

How have you first heard about Beyond Riders?
I found Beyond Riders on Instagram, was just getting into PEV and I saw a guy with a plaid jacket on tagging Beyond Riders in it, started checking them out and that’s when I bought my jacket shortly after that! Couldn’t recommend it enough!

What do you like most about our products?
Style and functionality! The new pants are absolutely awesome I wear them at our group rides and show them off to everyone they can’t believe that they have building in protection! Along with the pads the Kevlar and reflective strips are just a great feature! Plus the jacket is super comfortable and can be worn all the time.

What products or features would you like us to offer next?
The pants are great! I feel like a few things could be tweaked with them like making the knee pads removable from the outside of the pants. Also CAMOUFLAGE COLORS! Love me a good green or black camo….. maybe something like protective sweatshirt?

Thanks so much Drew for taking the time to answer these questions! Enjoy your rides and stay safe!

Drew Elia Beyond Riders

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