Meet Jennifer, our Rider of the Month (August '22)

Meet Jennifer, our Rider of the Month (August '22)

We're excited to launch our blog! Going forward, we'll introduce one of our riders to the community every month, starting with Jennifer, a passionate bike rider based in LA. Follow her on Instagram now @finsfan755

  • What PEV(s) are you riding?
    2022 Sur-ron X // BAC4000
  • How did you get into riding it? 
    It started with getting on some Aventons. My hubby, Chris, rode with his dad and couldn't get enough. Shortly thereafter, we had an Aventon & a Kasen Kabbit. Sure they were fun, but how much more fun would this be if we had a group to ride with? That's how we found LAek8. First ride was out from Dockweiler Beach. It was so much fun, until both bikes basically died on us. Two weeks later, my Sur-ron and BAC were delivered! Now if it dies on me, it's probably because I was racing someone.  I'm 1000% in on riding and can't get enough of it! 
  • How are you protecting yourself when riding?
    Beyond Riders Protective Flannel shirt in gray checker & a helmet

  • Are you part of a local rider community?

  • What would you tell a new rider ahead of his (their) first ride?
    Always wear a helmet & protective gear! Then, hang to the back of the group and enjoy the ride.

  • What's your preferred area for riding and why?
    I really enjoy riding in the South Bay, where I live, likely because I know the roads so well. I'd like to ride more in the hills of Los Angeles, Franklin Canyon, Elysian & Griffith Parks. The scenery here is amazing and being able to take it in with the wind in your face is pretty awesome.
  • What's your favorite day of the week for riding?
    Thursday days... least amount of traffic on the road! Saturday is fantastic too - group rides!

  • How have you first heard about Beyond Riders?
    I first looked to what the other group riders were wearing. Ferrari Red color was being tested and stood out! Many other members had the same brand.

  • What do you like most about our products?
    The utilities of the jacket... the inner pockets are perfectly placed and I use the glasses cleaner daily!

  • What products or features would you like us to offer next?
    Would like to see some protective gloves!

Thanks so much Jennifer for taking the time to answer these questions! Stay safe

Beyond Riders Jennifer LAESK8


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