Meet Corey, our rider of the month (December)

Meet Corey, our rider of the month (December)

Meet Corey, aka @wheelydope on social media - our rider of the month! He's an electric unicycle rider and content creator from Oklahoma City, OK.

What PEV(s) are you riding?
My passion is for electric unicycles, or EUC’s! I currently ride the Inmotion V11 & V12 HT and the Veteran Sherman.

How did you get into riding it?
Like many EUC riders, I was introduced to PEV’s by Onewheel. During the pandemic I needed something to de-stress and get me out of the house. Luckily, the US government gave me a nice little paycheck and I irresponsibly spent it on something fun. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made. After 6 months of riding my Onewheel I discovered EUC in the Facebook forums. I took the plunge and bought a Kingsong 16X. It took me about 3 frustrating days to learn, but the rest is history and I’ve been hooked every since.

How are you protecting yourself when riding?
I’m a big advocate for gearing up and wearing proper protection when riding PEV’s. My must haves on every ride are a full face helmet, armored shirt or jacket, knee/shin guards, wrist guards, and gloves. I’ve learned my lesson a few times now and it’s officially stuck. ATGATT!

Are you part of a local rider community?
Yes I am. Oklahoma City has a slowly growing PEV scene with a small number of riders. Our largest group ride to date was about 20 people, but my normal group rides include about 6-8 EUC’s and the occasional scooter or Onewheel. I’d like to continue growing our scene and getting locals together to have fun and support a more commuter friendly form of transportation.

What would you tell a new rider ahead of his first ride?
First thing, gear up. Not just yourself, but protect your wheel. I was eager to learn and dropped my first EUC quite a few times on the first day. I heavily regretted those scratches on day 3. Second thing, find a local ride group. It’ll make the learning process easier, more fun, and less frustrating. Third thing, don’t go too hard too fast. A lot of riders get overconfident and crash on week 2 or 3. It starts to become intuitive, but the muscle memory isn’t quite there. Ride safe, ease yourself into it, and make some new friends along the way.

What's your preferred area for riding and why?
I’m torn on this a bit. I really love high speed cruising in the streets. The adrenaline is truly unmatched when you feel one with the wheel at 40+mph. I’m also a big fan of exploration and finding hidden gems within my city. A lot of my videos are a bit scenic, and that’s because I enjoy finding a nice quiet place to enjoy my afternoons or watch a sunset.

What's your favorite day of the week for riding?
Sundays are my favorite! Less cars on the roads, I don’t have to go to work, and I can spend the whole day exploring.

How have you first heard about Beyond Riders?
I heard about Beyond Riders from Grace up in the PNW!

What do you like most about our products?
I love the subtlety of fashionable and casual every day apparel that also offers protection. Most of us don’t want to look like Iron Man when we go into a grocery store or head to work. The quality is phenomenal, it’s stylish, and ultra breathable in warm weather. My Ultra Series shirt layers really well under a winter jacket too.

What products or features would you like us to offer next?
Winter gear! I’d love to see a soft shell jacket or armored hoodie that blocks the wind and adds some insulation.

Corey, thanks so much for answering these questions! Enjoy your rides and stay safe. 

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