Meet Fred, aka Esk8Unity, our rider of the Month (April 2023)

Meet Fred, aka Esk8Unity, our rider of the Month (April 2023)
Fred, aka Esk8Unity loves the esk8 community and he's starting to love the EUC community. He basically loves to have fun with PEVs🤙🏼 Make sure to subscribe to his channel >>> !
  • Fred, what PEV(s) are you riding? I ride eskate, euc, ebike, escooter and soon to be onewheel lol

  • How did you get into riding it? I got into esk8 in 2020 during the pandemic and watching youtube videos. 

  • You're an expert about the esk8 community and industry. What trends do you anticipate in the next year or so? I anticipate more 2 in1 setups. more focus on variety, diversity meanwhile all in a smaller setup. instead of larger boards with minimal wheel setups.

  • How are you protecting yourself when riding? I protect myself with Rider armored hoody if its good weather, or when its colder i wear Rider armored flannel. full face if its really cold, and half shell if its good weather

  • Are you part of a local rider community? yep. theres a small group in New Jersey of local pev riders, and a few different groups in NYC i am apart of

  • What would you tell a new rider ahead of his first ride? I would tell a new rider to first protect himself. helmet and Beyond gear. then take it slow and learn the pev under ur feet before going higher speeds. Understand the maneuverability and behavioral traits of the board FIRST

  • What's your preferred area for riding and why? prefered riding area is congested city environment like Manhattan, New York. The views are great, plenty to do, and most of all, its lots of fun

  • What's your favorite day of the week for riding? my favorite day is anyyy day i have time and it is above 40*F and not raining lol

  • How have you first heard about Beyond Riders? i learned about beyond riders on a local group ride in late 2020

  • What do you like most about our products? I like most that beyond isnt heavy, bulky, and doesn't restrict my mobility. also, it looks fashionable.
  • What products or features would you like us to offer next? maybe a full finger thin glove. also on the edge/side of the knuckles, a very thin piece of plastic so when i hold the remote, and im doing a coleman slide, i can lower that hand down for support while still holding the remote
Fred, thanks so much for answering these questions! Enjoy your rides and stay safe.
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